Thursday, February 1, 2018

Amelia's 3rd birthday

Amelia was talking about her birthday for at least two months prior to it. She was so excited for it! Her requests were pretty simple- she wanted cupcakes and balloons. Easy to please!

On her actual birthday, my brother and I (he was in town visiting) took her to hide n seek, which is an indoor play centre. We got there about 30 minutes after it opened and there was no one else there. It was so nice as it can get crazy busy. She had an absolute blast there running around and going down the slides. On our way home, we stopped so Amelia could pick out some mini cupcakes at Crave. Once Brian was home from work, she got to open her gifts and then we sang happy birthday after dinner. She loved it! And I can't forget that her birthday started with balloons- she loved it! When she woke up and saw them, she said "thank you so much mom and dad!"

For her birthday party, we had everyone over to our house and I loosely went with a tea party and cupcakes theme. Alison was awesome and let me borrow some decorations that she had made for D's birthday (thanks again!). I set up a craft table for the kids, which was a hit. Amelia had fun and loved having her friends here to celebrate with her!



  1. Such an easy birthday request!! We rarely go to the play place here since it is so busy but it is like hitting the jackpot when you go and it is quiet!

  2. What a sweet little 3 year old! I love that photo with her in bed with the balloons. All her celebrations look like so much fun. :-)

  3. I love how appreciative she was of the balloons in her bed! What a sweet girl! Her birthday party sounds great! And those cupcakes look soooo good! I can't believe she is already 3, though. Doesn't seem like that long ago that we were in SF while you were pregnant with her!

  4. I cannot believe she is three! Looks like you rocked her party. Love the pictures in the shape of a 3 on the mirror and also love that she wakes up to balloons every year. How freaking cute that she said thanks so much to you and Brian!

  5. Such a fun birthday for her! Time flies that's for sure@



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