Thursday, February 15, 2018

Potty training

Okay, before I get started on today's post, if you want don't to read about pee and poop, maybe skip today's post :)

Let's rewind to the end of November- we finally decided to take the plunge and potty train Amelia. She had been using the potty at the day home for a while, but never wanted to at home. We also delayed doing it as we were having big constipation issues with her and were scared potty training was going to make them even worse. We decided to use the three day method and blocked off a weekend to do it. The first day (Saturday) went okay- a couple accidents. On the Sunday, Amelia started really complaining that it hurt to pee. We ended up calling Health Link, and they suggested taking her to an urgent care to make sure she didn't have an UTI. Brian took her and after a couple hours there (they had to wait for her to pee), it wasn't an UTI. We think it was the underwear had irritated her vagina (poor girl has super sensitive skin), which made it hurt to pee. After that, I hunted down some plain white underwear and we waited two weeks {these are the only ones I could find without any dye in them}

The next round went MUCH better! As much as the first weekend was super hard, we think it helped for the second go around of training as she knew what to expect. The first two days were spent at home and we didn't leave at all. She had maybe 1-2 accidents per day. On the third day, I really needed out of the house, so we made a quick trip to the library where she had an accident. After the third day, the accidents got less and less, and she rarely has one now. 

For the first two weeks, we put her in a pull up at nap time and bedtime. We were running out of them and I didn't want to buy more, so we pretty much told her that wetting the bed wasn't good and to call us in the middle of the night if she had to pee. She had one accident, but none since then. Before bed and nap time, we make sure she has peed right before going to bed and that she doesn't guzzle a bunch of water or milk too close to it. We also bought a big adult like pee pad (they sell them at home care stores for $20), which we put on the couch during training and now on her bed in case of accidents during the night to save the mattress.

Our biggest surprise is that her constipation is getting better. She is going almost everyday now, which is much better than once a week like she was going. It definitely took some work to get her to that point (meaning lots of bribing and treats for going), but it's working. 

Things that worked for us:
  • lots and lots of treats. Luckily, we had lots of Halloween candy left so we used that
  • we had a chart that she got to make a mark on every time she peed. She ddin't quite get the concept of it, but still motivated her.
  • make sure to have lots of underwear. There will be accidents and that's okay. Saves you from doing multiple loads of laundry per day
  • We ordered regular toilet seats with built in potty seats (like this) from Amazon and they are great. Means you don't have to take off a potty seat every time an adult wants to use the toilet. Thanks for the idea Alison.


  1. Poor Amelia and her sensitive skin - my kids have sensitive skin but so happy that she is getting it. Treats def work. I seriously don't even remember training Maddy, daycare pretty much took care of it. When I had Tanner, I was so worried because they say boys are harder...and well he got it right off the bat, never had to put pull ups or anything and never had an accident, however, the kid pees once a day - we have to make him go!!

  2. Poor girl! I am glad that the constipation got better! That must be a huge relief. We found rewards and the chart to help Avery a ton when we potty trained her too. Now we are planning to start Chloe - eek! haha. She goes on the potty once a day right now so I am hoping to keep that up before we take the leak to train her.

  3. That's awesome that she is fully trained! I bet it is wonderful to be done to just one kid in diapers! And that's great that it helped with constipation. I never would have expected that. I will have to keep this post in mind when we are potty training years from now!

  4. Great job on potty training Amelia! That sucks she has such sensitive skin, poor girl. I am really glad she didn't have a UTI though. Potty training still seems sooooo far away for us but I'm sure it will be here before we even know it.

  5. She really did so great! Do you still just have to use just the plain underwear? I am dreading potty training again!! oi.



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