Tuesday, March 20, 2018

{gabriel}: nine months

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Weight: I took him to be weighed yesterday, and he was 17lbs 4oz. He gained a whole 0.2oz in a month! He eats like crazy, so I blame him never sitting still.

Diapers/clothes: we moved him up into size 4 baby dry diapers as he was having a crazy amount of blow outs. They are a bit big on him, but it's cut down on the blow outs.

  • eating on his own
  • Amelia
  • standing up in the bath
  • sucking his thumb
  • taking a bath

  • staying still for anything especially diaper changes
  • when you put him down for a nap (he will immediately stand up in his crib and cry for a minute or two)
Eating: two big changes in the last month- 1) I'm no longer breast feeding, so he gets formula. He has 4-5 bottles a day taking between 120-200mLs. My supply was not great, and it was just causing me too much stress. Yes I still feel guilty about it, but it's not the end of the world. 2) we aren't doing pouches anymore, and are doing baby led weaning instead. He had a bad diaper rash, which we thought the pouches were adding to it, so stopped them. He's gotten so good at feeding himself and absolutely loves it! There isn't much that he doesn't like. He especially loves watermelon, cheese, blueberries. He's had shrimp, chicken, pork, and steak. 

Sleeping: it's gotten better lately. He goes to bed around 7pm and is usually up between 6-6:30am. He will wake up earlier than that, but will usually fall back asleep. He naps 3 times a day (with the occasional day of having only two naps depending on how long his naps are).

  • he figured out how to clap and was so proud of himself!


  1. Sorry to hear you had supply issues this time around. I have had a relatively "easy" time with breastfeeding and have still found it hard and difficult in some ways. Olivia is such a snacker, and despite being a very big baby when she was born has been very slow to gain weight so that's been a bit stressful. Glad you were able to let go of the stress and just make the switch to formula - fed is best. Try not to feel guilty, though I know that's easier said than done.

    Gabe is such a cute and happy little guy!!

  2. Sorry to hear you had to stop breast feeding. But you gave him so much food and nutrition over the last 9 months. It’s hard not to feel guilty but you did an amazing job and so much about BF’ing is out of our control. I learned that early as I am mostly pumping and bottle feeding as Paul is not good at sucking and he was working so hard but not transferring milk so he wasn’t putting on weight. I have cried SO many tears about BF’ing since he was born. :(

    Gabe is such a cutie! That is awesome that BLW is going well. I think that is what we will do with Paul as well.



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