Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Original St.Patrick's Day Road Race: race report

On Sunday, I ran The Original St.Patrick's Day Road Race for my first time. I had originally signed up to run the 10k, but decided to drop down to the 5k after my training wasn't that great thanks to all of the cold and snow. 

Race package pick up was super easy as I was volunteering on the Friday night at it. It was held at the Strides store in Marda Loop, and seemed like everyone who came to pick up their packages were in and out within 10 minutes max.  The packages included: your bib, long sleeve t-shirt, samples of face cleanser, oatmeal, and a bar. 

The race started at 9:20am on Sunday (but felt way earlier thanks to the time change). I got there around 8:45am and parked on the street close by, but there was lots of parking available at the high school. I headed inside as it was a bit chilly that morning. Close to the race start, I headed outside and before I knew it, we were off! Going into the race, I had hoped to run it in around 28 minutes and run the entire thing. There were a couple small hills that made me want to take a quick walk break, but I knew I would struggle to get going again. My splits ended up being: 5:41, 5:16, 5:09, 5:12, 5:07. Finishing time was 26:53, which was good enough for 3rd in my age group and 21st overall. Pretty darn happy with that! 

After the race, I headed into the school to grab some food and help out with awards and beer draw. For everyone signed up for the race, you got to enter your name in to win your weight in beer (they picked one guy and one girl). I think the guy ended up taking home close to 100 bottles of beer, which is pretty sweet!

Thank you again to the race committee for letting me a part of the race as a race ambassador!


  1. Nice work on the great run! That's a fun price at the end, well not for you! ha ha Glad you didn't have a really freezing day too.

  2. Nice work and congrats on placing!! That is something I have never done! You are soo speedy!

  3. Great job on the race!!! That is so fun you were an ambassador and congrats on placing. I haven't ran a race in sooo long! Can't wait to get back to it.



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