Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Scenes from the week + end

We had a pretty good week + end! The weather was perfection last week, so we spent lots of time outside and had a couple picnic lunches on our back patio. Amelia loved it!

On Tuesday, Amelia had her last class (she's doing the next one which is two hours instead of one hour now). While she was at her class, I went for a walk with Gabe since it was nice out. Brian was coaching a rugby game that night, so we stopped by to watch for a bit. 

Wednesday was Gabe and I day, and I don't think we did too much. Ran a couple errands and hung out at home. 

On Thursday, we met Alison and her kids at the Village Square library in the NE. Neither of us had been there before, and it was a fun one. After the library, we had a quick picnic outside with the kids before heading home. The weather was gorgeous, so Amelia and I spent lots of time in the backyard when we got home. 

Friday morning was spent hanging out in the sunshine, walking Harley, and having a picnic lunch outside. In the later afternoon, we met up with Alison + kids and Brie + kids at the zoo to see the pandas. 

Saturday morning Amelia had her sportball class, so I dropped her off and then ran a bunch of errands. In the afternoon, both kids had a dual nap and then we had a BBQ with our neighbours. 

Sunday wasn't so nice weather wise, so Amelia and I got groceries in the morning. Other than that, we pretty much hung out inside all day thanks to the rain. 


  1. Gabe is looking so grown up sitting in his red chair!

  2. I am jealous of all the fun! I need to get the girls to the zoo to see the Pandas. Last week was so nice, I liked having the girls outside every day after work, plus most nights they chose to eat outside too!



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