Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Scenes from the week + end

How was your long weekend? We had a fun one! Let's rewind to last week:

Monday: we met up with Brie and her kids at a park in Inglewood. The kids had fun playing and having a picnic, before we went to Luke's drugmart for some ice cream. They just changed over their flavour to one that tastes like Christmas- don't try it. Go for the vanilla! After our playdate, we headed home to spend time in the sprinkler and a trip to the park by our house.

Tuesday: Amelia had her class in the afternoon, so while she was at that, Gabe napped and I hung out in the sunshine reading my book. It was super hot that day, so we went to Cochrane to get some ice cream at McKay's.

Wednesday: Amelia was at the dayhome, so Gabe and I had a quiet day. I actually can't remember what we did.  It was another gorgeous evening, so we spent lots of time in the backyard after dinner.

Thursday: it was a rainy and dreary day, so I decided to go for an adventure. We took the c-train downtown to check out the firetruck at the central library. Amelia loved it! There was another boy about her age there, so they ended up playing together and going to the "emergencies" together. 

Friday: a day full of errands and getting stuff done! In the evening, I met up with some of the ladies for birthday dinner for Ange and Brie at Wurst. Nice to get out of the house and have some girl talk.  

Saturday: we packed up in the morning, and drove to Edmonton. In the afternoon, we went to watch Brian's friend play handball, and then we had dinner with his parents. 

Sunday: in the morning, I took Harley for a hot 8km run. We had a fun day spent outside! My BIL/SIL and girls came over in the afternoon, and played all afternoon long. We had a wienie roast, which the girls loved. Amelia crashed hard at bedtime!



  1. I am super interested in this ice cream flavour now lol.
    I love this warm weather and days spent outside - a bigger bonus is the kids crash hard after! haha

  2. It’s been really warm here, too. It’s going to be around 30-34C the next several days which is sooo hot! A little too hot but I know I shouldn’t complain after wishing for warmer weather.

    It’s awesome that Amelia has a cousin that is around her age. I bet they have so much fun together! I had a cousin 11 months younger than me and she was like a sister to me. Paul won’t have any cousins close in age to him but the older kids are 4+ years older than him so I think they will give him lots of attention.



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