Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Scenes from the week + end

Happy Tuesday! For a weekend with no set plans, it was a good one!

On Monday, we took a trip to the library. After Gabe's nap, we ventured to a park near us and then to throw rocks in the water. 

On Tuesday, Amelia had her first class of her new program. This one is two hours long, and they play outside/have snacks, etc. She seemed to enjoy it!
Being silly at dinner

On Wednesday, I went for a run with Gabe and Harley. We didn't do much else during the day as Gabe had a cold and wasn't super happy. After picking Amelia up from her day home, we checked out a newer park by the school. It was all a bit too big for her though. 

Thursday and Friday were both gorgeous days, so we spent most of our time playing outside, having picnic lunches, etc. The kids were soaked before 10am the one day and went through many outfits playing in the water table. 

On Saturday morning, Amelia had her sportball class. I ran some errands in the afternoon, we played outside, and put mulch down in our gardens. 

Brian and Justin went biking on Sunday morning, so Amelia and I hung outside while Gabe napped and then walked Harley. Amelia was so excited as she got a "sunbrella" from our neighbours and she has wanted one forever! We ended the night by hanging out on our patio reading and enjoying it :)



  1. Sounds like an awesome week and weekend! Such a game changer now that we have sunny days. Love it. Glad she enjoyed her new class! What sports have they been at Sport Ball?

  2. It is so nice to be outside more now!
    How does Amelia like Sportball? We had Avery in it when she was just over 2 but I think she was too young for it then.



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