Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Scenes from the week + end

We managed to fit in a lot of fun things last week! Definitely taking advantage of this summer.

Tuesday was a rainy day, so we spent the morning doing science experiments while Gabe napped. Once he was up, I took the kids for haircuts (Gabe's first!). In the afternoon, Amelia had her first swimming lesson in the afternoon, which went well.

Gabe and I didn't do too much on Wednesday during the day. After dinner, we biked with the kids to a park in our neighbourhood. Gabe cried the whole way there, but managed to have fun at the park.

On Thursday, we met up with Alison (and kids) and Nicole (and kids) at the Telus science centre. The kids had fun playing outside at the playground they have set up. We stayed a bit longer than everyone else and played for a bit inside before we headed out. 

It was a beautiful day on Friday, so the kids and I went to the splash park in our neighbourhood. We ended up running into someone I know from instagram, so Amelia and her son played together for a while. In the evening, I went to volunteer at package pick up for the Stampe road race.

On Saturday, we took a trip out to Ol MacDonald camp ground to spend the day with Brian's parents and his brother and family, who were camping out there. The kids had a blast at the beach and playing with their cousins. Amelia crashed hard on the way home, but Gabe decided to party for a bit. Luckily, they both went down really well once we got home (we didn't get back until after 9pm).

 Sunday morning, I ran the Stamped road race 10k in the morning, which was a fun race! After the race, I helped out with the kids race before heading home. Brian went biking with Justin in the late afternoon, so the kids and I biked to the park before bedtime. 



  1. I need to get down to Spark soon! That looks like a great splash park! RD has one larger one but it is SO busy I avoid it usually lol.
    It was great to see you Sunday!

  2. You are definitely making the most of your summer at home with the kids. There’s so much fun stuff to do with kids in your city! That was nice of you to volunteer for several things for race weekend!!



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