Monday, June 24, 2019

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday! We had a bit of a quieter weekend thanks to all of the rain we got. It just absolutely poured on Friday, and then rained on and off again all weekend. The flowers and our grass loves it, but I'd be okay if we had some nicer weather now.

On Friday at the day home, the kids had crazy hair day! Amelia was so excited to have her hair done. Brian left for Edmonton that evening, so we didn't do too much. 

Saturday was one of those parenting days that you'd be okay not having again for a long time. The kids were just fighting constantly with each other, and Amelia was so emotional and whiney. Oh man! In the morning, Amelia had her last soccer game and then we headed home to walk Harley. When Gabe was napping, I worked out and then we went to a new to us park in our neighbourhood. 

Brian got back later on Saturday night, so I went for a run on Sunday morning. I did 8kms by myself and then met up with the Project Run Love group to do another 4kms. It was so wet out! At least running with others made it go by quickly. After the run, we grabbed something to eat at Angel's cafe. In the afternoon, Amelia and I went to the library and then for $1 ice cream cones at McDonald's.

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  1. Ugh, rainy weather is so crappy. We've had a lot of rain here this spring/summer, too, and it's gotten beyond old. We've been caught in the rain on a couple of walks over the last few days. Not ideal but Paul doesn't mind since it's covered under the stroller - lucky guy!

    Saturday sounded rough! Of course that happens on a day when Brian was not there! Paul has been sick for the last week+ and has not been his happy self so we've had some really long days!



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