Tuesday, March 3, 2020

February recap


The month involved very little running and lots of strength training! I finished my workout plan from Madeleine Moves, which was really good. The workouts are on the longer side (50-70 minutes), so it didn't leave much room for much else. I definitely got strong over the month though!

Books read

American Dirt was interesting- I know someone else who couldn't get into it, but I felt the need to keep reading to see what happened to the mom and son.

Such a Fun Age was about a woman that hires a nanny when a racist event happens in the grocery store with her child. It kind of reminded me of a Jodi Picoult book and a topic that she would cover.

The Nanny was good, but also felt a bit slow and the characters were a bit whiney.

Where the Forrest Meets the Stars- I am a sucker for a book with characters that are a bit outside of societies definition of normal. Even a bigger sucker if they form a relationship. 

The kids

Minus the kids both getting a stomach bug and a bad cold, we had a good month. I took them with me to Ontario for a couple days, which they loved. I feel like we didn't do that much since the weather has been crappy. Amelia is still in gymnastics on Saturday morning and loves it!

Goals for March
  • run more! Even if it's a short distance, just get back into the routine
  • make healthier eating choices. Less snacks/treats in the evening


  1. I'm so impressed with your 50-70 minute workouts! Amazing! It would be tough to fit running in on top of that but hopefully you find a way to strike a balance this month! I was hoping to workout 3 times/week in 2020 but that has been tough as I have had so many RA flares. So I am giving my body a break until the weather warms up as I think the fluctuation in temps is not helping.

    The kids are getting so big!!



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