Monday, June 11, 2018

Scenes from the week + end

Happy Monday! We had a busy weekend celebrating Gabe's first birthday with our family and friends. It was a fun time!

Let's look back at our week:

On Monday, we went to Edworthy Park to explore and throw rocks in the river. We ended up not being able to throw rocks because the river access was closed due to the river being super high and fast. We also got rained on, so our trip didn't last too long. Once the kids were in bed, I went for a trail run in the ravine with Harley.

So much attitude ;)

On Tuesday, Amelia had her class so Gabe and I took Harley for a walk and hung out until it was time to get her. After class, we played outside with our neighbours.

On Wednesday, Gabe and I ran errands for his birthday party in between his naps. We were in Cochrane, so decided to stop at Glenbow Ranch since it was a nice day out. Then we walked over to pick up Amelia from the day home and she biked home, which she is getting so good at.

On Thursday, we went to Big Springs Hill Provincial Park, which is not too far from our house. It's a pretty easy trail, so I figured it would be good for Amelia. She loved putting her feet in the freezing cold water! In the late afternoon, we went to my work for a baby shower for a co-worker.

On Friday, we had to run to Costco and then we took a trip to the park nearby.

Saturday was Gabe's party, which I will share more about later this week!

Sunday was super rainy in the morning, so we had a pretty low key day. I took Harley for a 8km run in the afternoon and did some laundry. Otherwise, we hung around the house.


Monday, June 4, 2018

Catching up

Hi everyone! Thought I would do a catch up post today since I didn't blog last week.

About 1.5 weeks ago, I went to Kamloops to spend a couple days with my cousin/good friend sans kids. We didn't have too many plans while I was there, which was nice. We had dinner with my aunt and uncle, saw my other cousin, went trail running twice, went hiking, etc. It was nice! She had to work the one day, so I took her dog for a walk, relaxed, read my book- aka things I don't have a chance to do during the day with the kids! Brian's mom came down to watch the kids while Brian was at work, which I greatly appreciated! Amelia had her moments, but overall it went okay.

Before I went to Kamloops, we spent lots of time outside in the backyard or doing to the park. We also took a trip to the zoo because Amelia asked and was upset the one day.

We had a pretty quick week when I got back from Kamloops. Ran lots of errands, played outside, and went to the Calgary reads house on Friday. 


This weekend, we didn't have too many plans. Amelia had sportball on Saturday, but her and I went to Home Depot for flowers and then a doughnut date at Tim Horton's after. In the afternoon, I got my hair done. 

Brian and Justin went bing on Sunday morning, so we had a quiet morning around home. Gabe had a much needed two hour nap, and then we walked Harley. In the afternoon, Amelia and I went to get groceries. In the evening, I met up with a friend for a trail run on the Douglas fir trail. So pretty, but so hilly!


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